How to Format a USB Memory Stick Drive for Standalone DVR Backup

This article helps explain step by step how to format your USB memory stick or thumb drive for backing on a Standalone DVR. Usually, the format required is FAT32 but you can check your instruction manual.

  1. Insert the USB memory stick into the computer and format it to FAT32.
  2. To do this insert the stick into USB slot and allow it to install drivers.
  3. Open MY COMPUTER.
  4. See the USB Memory Stick (it will be assigned a drive letter automatically so I am unsure what your computer will assign.  Usually not A, B, C or D.
  5. Be 100% sure that you choose the right drive.  This can be tested by removing and reinserting the USB stick and watching for the drive letter to appear and disappear.  
  6. *** WARNING: Formatting the drive will erase all data.  Formatting the wrong drive will delete files on the drive that is being formatted. ***
  7. Right click on the Memory stick drive and choose FORMAT from the list that appears.
  8. Check Quick Format box so that the format occurs quickly.  Some formats can take several minutes or longer depending on the size.
  9. In the FILE SYSTEM box choose FAT32.
  10. Click Start and wait for message that Format is Complete to appear.