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Pro Video Security – Chicago Video Security Installation & Repair Experts

Pro Video Security is Chicago’s premier Video and Electronic Security Equipment Company and a part of the U-Spy Store.  Owned and operated by a licensed Private Investigator, Pro Video Security is assisted by a team of highly trained and expert CCTV technicians, IT experts, video security installers and sales staff. With over 30 years in the investigation business and 20 years in the electronic security and surveillance business, our team operates two brick and mortar stores in the Chicago area allowing you to see experience up close our HD (High Definition) video security products. All of our recorders, WD Security Grade Purple hard drives and cameras come with our Platinum 3-Year Warranty with installations. We want you to see exactly what you get before you buy. Come visit one of our two stores or call us for a no-cost or obligation video security consultation.
  • How to Format a USB Memory Stick Drive for Standalone DVR Backup

    This article helps explain step by step how to format your USB memory stick or thumb drive for backing on a Standalone DVR. Usually, the format required is FAT32 but you can check your instruction manual.

  • Q- What kind of software do you use for your DVR?

    A- We actually don’t use software in most cases for a DVR. Here is how it works. A standalone DVR comes delivered with firmware pre installed by the DVR manufacturer. The standalone DVR is not an actual computer but an electrical device that has a hard drive in is only made to record video security cameras.

  • New Baluns for HD Cameras for CAT5 and CAT6 Wire

    When the new HD over coaxial cable came to market recently, it was very exciting news. Now you could upgrade to HD without changing your coaxial cables. Coaxial wires are expensive to replace when changing from analog cameras to HD IP cameras. But what if you had CAT5 or CAT6 wiring and are using baluns to send the video signal? That was a problem. These HD security cameras were not able to be used over existing CAT5 or CAT6 wiring. So what you say as these cameras were made for sending High Definition video over cable wires which was previously said to be impossible. Plus, there are always IP cameras for that part. But IP cameras are expensive and the new HD technology is very cost effective. A new breakthrough in baluns technology allows network wire to work well using new Baluns.

  • Pro Video Security Uses WD Purple Security Grade Hard Drives

    Do hard drives really matter? Yes they matter immensely. Western Digital Purple Security-Grade Hard Drives are the very best and most reliable hard drives on the market for surveillance DVRs and NVRs. These hard drives are specially designed to withstand the continuous movement from recording that comes with any surveillance system. Pro Video Security only uses WD Purple Drives in all of our video security DVRs and NVRs.  Because of the Western Digital 3 year warranty, you can rest assured that your system is built to last and will not surprise you in a bad way when you least expect it. We also offer a full 3 year warranty on all of our installed full sized security cameras, DVRs and NVRs.

  • Upgrade Your Cameras Today for Cheap!

    Technology keeps roaring on like a speeding jet and frankly, even for us in the technology business, it is difficult to keep up with. Just released is new and very inexpensive technology allowing your old wiring to be kept and new HD cameras to be installed instead. Can’t afford all new cameras? No problem! This system allows you to keep your old cameras that you don’t want to, cant afford to or simply don’t care about at this time. But wait! It’s not a Hybrid system. It’s a Tribrid system. This system will also allow you to add IP cameras up to 2.1 megapixels onto the same recorder. VGA quality cameras, HD analog cameras and IP cameras all on the same system. Best of all, the IP cameras don’t count to the BNC connectors on the back of the DVR. So if you purchase a 16 channel recorder, you will get a 16 channel BNC camera recorder plus an 8 channel IP camera recorder. All 24 cameras can be recorded at one for the cost of a single DVR. Did someone say cost? Yes, the cost of a camera and DVR will surprise you. The cameras for the HD over coaxial cameras are probably half the cost of what you have now. Or even less. New cameras with 2.1 megapixel and a 3 year warranty run under $100 for a vandal dome IR camera. There is some bad news that comes along with all of this good news. You will […]

  • 3 Year Platinum Warranty by Pro Video Security – Chicago

    Pro Video Security now provides a 3 Year Platinum Warranty on most of our of its installed products including our new HD DVRs, NVRs, HD Cameras and IP Cameras.  We only sell WD Security Grade “Purple” Hard Drives with all of our recorders that also come with a 3 year year manufacturer warranty.   Our 3 year warranty offers you security with your purchase – knowing that anything that goes wrong with a camera, recorder or hard drive will be replaced or repaired for free within the 3 years.